Did you know that when you make the income statement, you can get a refund of the IRPF?

That’s right. The IRPF is an advance payment that the Tax Agency separates from the income of Residents in Spain. However, you may be eligible for a tax refund. Everything will depend on your retentions. In the event that there has been withheld in excess, the difference will be returned. This subject is a bit complex, but do not worry. At DELMAR, we can help you to organize your statement (link).

Here are some more details. The IRPF retention includes amounts for three categories:

  1.  Earnings from our work or from our movable and immovable properties which were used for an economic activity.
  2.  Profit or loss of our assets.
  3.  Any other income that is not received in the form of money.

If you are an employee, the IRPF is withheld from your payroll. But if you are self-employed, the calculation is a little bit complicated since the percentage to retain varies depending on the economic activity or on the time since you have declared yourself self-employed. If you want to understand this mess a little better, we can give you the best advice. Contact us for more information.

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