A space for you at Los Gigantes

If you wanna pack your bags and go to live in a place with a wonderful weather and a warming view, you need to consider Los Gigantes, in Tenerife.

With temperatures that do not fall below 17 ºC in the coldest months and reaching a maximum of 25 ºC in summer, this place is the perfect spot for vacationing. In addition, the breeze coming from the sea and all of the trade winds give the island a sense of freshness.

Tenerife is definitely a place that is worth to mention in the list of “Best places to retire”; after all, where else in the world are you able to play with snow from the Teide in the morning, and in the afternoon, go down to sunbathe on the beach? As you can see, this may be your place.

Los Gigantes is located only 125 km away from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and 45 km from the Tenerife South International Airport.

If you are already considering it, at DELMAR, we can help you find the ideal place, whether you’d like to spend a season, or just establish your business on the island, we possess the perfect plan. And if you still don’t know Tenerife, even better, we can recommend you some of the most visited tourist places.

  • Playa de la arena: With dark sands, it is located in the heart of the town of Puerto de Santiago, in Santiago del Teide.
  • Playa de los Guíos: On a lovely beach. It has a viewpoint in La Calle de Las Adelfas from where you can appreciate the whole beach!
  • Charco de Isla Cangrejo: It is a natural pool formed by volcanic lava, ideal to visit when the sea is calm.
  • Cueva la Vaca: One of the best kept secrets of Tenerife. It is a marine cave close to the tourist urbanizations of the island.
  • Archipenque Viewpoint: From here, visitors can have one of the best views of Los Gigantes. You can appreciate all the details of the landscapes and take the best photos.
  • Museum del pescador: This picturesque building seeks to stimulate the contemporary art of Canarian and national artists.

Perhaps we have spoken a lot about how good the local weather is, but is exactly due to that fact along with the panoramic status of Los Gigantes that the tourism in the island has been favored, creating a significant growth and a massive construction of facilities designed for hotel, commercial and sports purposes. The residential area and the tourist infrastructure continue to grow thanks to the view these cliffs give us being nailed over the ocean from heights that vary between 300 and 600 meters.

And since we are talking about Los Gigantes, did you know that the original inhabitants of Tenerife, the Guanches, called these geological formations “La Muralla del Infierno”, or in English, The wall of hell? Well, we are pretty sure they do not deserve a less dramatic name.

But to say the truth, we don’t know that much about the history of Los Gigantes. However, an area in which we truly are experts in is the administration of real estate. So write us! We can definitely help you find the adequate space for you.


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